Our Environment

Why Whole Bean?

At the Organic Coffee Club (OCC) we are committed to providing the freshest and finest coffee possible. What most coffee drinkers don’t know is when coffee beans are ground they release almost all of their gases trapped inside the bean. These gases are essential for helping preserve the bean’s freshness and flavor. The OCC ensures our customers  are receiving the highest quality by shipping whole beans within hours of roasting.



All OCC coffee is USDA Certified Organic and chemical free. USDA Certified Organic means our beans are farmed using all-natural methods without the use of chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. We are committed to being USDA Certified Organic and chemical free because it benefits the consumers, the farmers, and the environment.


USDA Organic


Fair Trade

Fair Trade aligns with OCC’s core values. In most developing countries around the world there are much lower standards: for work, labor rights, and workers’ wages, compared to the United States. Fair Trade helps ensures these farmers get a fair price according to the world market, which helps sustain their family, their business, and their communities.


Direct Trade

In addition to our Fair Trade efforts, OCC sources all our coffee through Direct Trade. Direct Trade is similar to Fair Trade but the crops are sourced directly from the farmer which yields them a higher profit for their crops.

Direct Trade

Bird Friendly

The OCC is working to source all our beans from Certified Bird Friendly Farms. Bird Friendly is a method of organic and sustainable farming where crowns are grown under a high, shaded canopy of a natural rain forest. The canopy provides shelter for native wildlife and migratory birds that seed refuge from mass deforestation. The natural shade of the canopy also helps the coffee beans reach peak ripeness without harmful sun exposure.

Bird Friendly


SWISS WATER Processed Decaf

Our decaf coffee is decaffeinated through a Chemical Free Swiss Water Process (SWP). Most decaf coffee is decaffeinated through chemical solvents. These chemicals can stick to the beans and leave traces and effect the taste of your coffee. The SWP insures our customers are not exposed to these harmful chemicals.

Swiss Water Decaf


Rainforest Alliance Certified

Coffee is the number-one crop for many countries and one of the most exported goods in the world. Unsurprisingly, there are more than 25 million people who rely on the coffee industry for their livelihood. Most coffee farms in the world are in the tropics, thus they are normally places of high biodiversity and of primary concern for conservation. The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization striving to conserve biodiversity, wildlife, and promote sustainable livelihoods for struggling farmers, through transforming modern land-use techniques, economic means, and consumer behavior. The Rainforest Alliance certification requires that the farms must have strict sustainable standard's including [energy management, ecosystem conservation, wildlife protection, water conservation, soil conservation, integrated crop management, Integrated waste management, international labor organization for the workers, occupation health standards for the workers, and community relations/outreach.] Furthermore, these sustainable practices help insure a sustainable coffee industry, one that promotes quality, environmental conservation, and fairness. 

Rainforrest Alliance